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As a 'soon to be' ring member, what is your responsibility?

Next, you review the available ring options and selects a webring you would like to join.  And as you commence to join a ring, the most common 'lines to fill out' will be your website name, website URL, website description and keywords (site tags).
It is important that ...
a.) you select a web-ring wherein your website fits within the topic matter of that ring's description.
b.) your website title has capitalization on the first letter of each word, only.  Exceptions to capitalization are words like 'the, and, of, or'.
c.) that the website URL entered is the actual URL of the page where you intend to put the web-ring code, unless the given web-ring directly provides you with another option.
d.) that the description of your site is not in all CAPS, but capitalized only where appropriate; for proper sentence structure.
e.) that the description of your site be spell checked.
Note: the best site descriptions are the ones that do not suggest your site is only for the illiterate, but that you are capable of putting together sentences that neither shout at readers or insult their intelligence.  And, the most appealing site descriptions also tell visitors what makes your site so special, what your site offers that others may not; something that tells them why they would want to visit your site.
What can you further do, to encourage visitors to stick around and actually visit your site?
a.) Exchange vulgarity to a G-rated selection of words, to avoid offence; gaining a larger audience.
b.) If your site has many pages, create a sitemap/index; making it easier for visitors to find your pages.
c.) Being as society ages, their vision diminishes ... if your text is small, making it larger (easier to read) will help retain a larger audience.
d.) If your background is such that the text is otherwise hard to read, consider a different background selection or add a tiled (or different colored) table (putting the words inside the table).
e.) Use a spell checker. Sites 'with appeal to multiple educational levels' will retain a larger audience.
f.) Remove or replace broken links and missing graphics, so your site will never appear abandoned; whether you are continuing to add new content or not.
What can you do, to help your web-ring remain successful; not discouraging visitors?
a.) During times when your server is down, your webring system may provide the option of deactivating your membership without removing your membership. You may have the option to deactivate your membership.  Or, that option may be available to the ring manager/ring moderator/ring maker (names varied in different webring systems); so you might want to notify them.
b.) If you happen to notice a member's site that appears abandoned, no longer exists, has been hacked, has become a porn site under new management, has a virus, or whatever other mishap ... notify your ring manager, right away.
What does your ring manager/ring moderator/ring maker do?
Your ring managers has either created a ring that meets the RingMaster's approval (the actual owner of the web-ring system).  Or, with granted permission, they have taken over management of an existing ring, that has been left in need of a new ring manager.
From there, your ring manager may visit the ring's members' sites, on occasion, to see if sites are still working, the content is still related to the ring description, etc.  But also, your ring manager visits pending membership sites and has the power to either approve or disapprove memberships, and remove any memberships wherein the website or the site owner becomes a threat to the success of the ring.
Your ring manager may also advertise the ring, elsewhere online, to help gain more visitors and members.  They should advise and may even assist new members in getting their memberships set up, however needed, that their memberships can also be approved.  And, your ring manager will notify the Ring Master of any upcoming known problems with the webring's software program.
Whenever there is a ring related issue, your ring manager is the one to contact.
The Web-Ring Team
Most will tell you that webrings are a dying breed, with dead rings, broken links, and ring managers that are not at home.

And most of that is true! That is where is different ...


Updating the Webring to Web-Ring

This is a Father / Son Team that knows what is needed to create a new web-ring system (keeping the best of three software programs) that, combined, surpasses all that have been before, to bring web-rings back from the grave; as the concept of web-rings still works!

Web 2.0 (Webring 2.0) is the popular term for advanced Internet technology and applications including blogs, wikis, RSS and social bookmarking.

The two major components of Web 2.0 are the technological advances enabled by Ajax and other new applications such as RSS and Eclipse and the user empowerment that they support.


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